How to Open a PDF File with Yahoo Mail

One of the world’s oldest free email services is Yahoo’s web version of email service. Despite its lack of relevancy, Yahoo Mail still provides reasonably robust email clients. However, certain error and unbidden issues keep reoccurring one such awful error is ‘can’t open attachments in yahoo mail’. This error sometimes frustrates a user, as the attached file could contain any important business documents. In this article, we will walk you through all issues pertaining to opening PDF in yahoo mail.

The Portable Paper Format helps you to open and display documents, irrespective of what operating system, program or device you have. The email system accesses PDF reader software installed on your machine or other device to make it happen in Yahoo Mail. You will automatically open the PDF attachment in your PDF reader by double-clicking on it inside your inbox.

Try these below steps before contacting any technical teams, to fix the PDF opening issue in Yahoo mail:

  • Use latest version of web browser, sometimes due to outdated web browser your yahoo mail might not open.
  • To read any document in PDF format download and install free Adobe Reader program
  • Try disabling your anti-virus as this software could block you from downloading files in yahoo mail
  • Restarting could resolve all your downloading issues that are related to internet connectivity
  • Try disabling browser add-ons or plug-in, so restart your browser and re-open attachments

Yahoo mail user has reported that yahoo mail refuses files that contain special characters in its name. So, to ensure proper opening of a file in yahoo mail and to avoid yahoo mail attachments not working error do not use special characters. Yahoo mail allows user to attach not more than 25 MB of a file with a resolution. Try revising your attachment size if it is greater than the size you defined.

If you are facing yahoo mail attachments not working in Google chrome perform the following functions:

  • Download different browser and enable compatibility mode
  • To enable compatibility mode open Tools> Select compatibility mode> Display all websites in Compatibility View
  • Disable added extension and restart your device
  • Disable firewall protections
  • Update your browser version
  • Enable Yahoo email backup software

Therefore, all these were the ways to function or download the troubleshooting yahoo attachment. But, even after applying the above measures, you see ‘yahoo mail attachments not working’, asks our professionals for expert assistance. Our technical experts will direct the entire process and provide a specific solution to repair the yahoo mail app that does not display attachments.

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